UPDATE: EE's boys or girls?- post 9 shows recent pics - Thanks!


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mamma hen hatched out 4 eggs- 1 silver spangled hamburg and 3 Easter Eggers. They are almost 5 weeks old. I have a pretty good guess about gender, but I was hoping others could weigh in, as I have never had EEs before and I am not familiar with the variation they display as they develop. How long does it usually take for you to know "for sure"? With my Barred Rocks and Buff Orpingtons I could guess correctly at 4 weeks- but I have heard these guys can surprise you since they are so variable.

Also- can people tell me what you would call the coloring on the 3 EEs. I am a little confused about which are 'partridge' and is the other one 'gray' or 'blue' or what? Thanks so much!


#1 (Red chick aka "Courtney"- named after my red-head sister) pictured here with our SSH. Only need guesses /coloring for the EE. No need to chime in about him- unless you think there's even a smidgen of a chance that he's NOT a boy...



#2 (Gray chick)


#3 (Chipmunk Chick)


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Thanks for the guesses. I was thinking #3 (chipmunk) had a good chance of being a boy. Is your guess based on the comb, the patchy feathering? Are there other things I should be watching for? I think the other two are girls, but we will see. Anyone else have votes?
5 weeks.

I read from someone on here that EE roosters don't usually have that speckled tan coloring- that those are usually girls... so I was hopeful at first. That person said the boys usually feather out to be more of a white color with other colors added on. Have you ever heard of this?
Your red chick does bear a resemblance to my Esme! Mine's supposedly an EE/BCM - maybe yours has some marans blood too? Looks like a girl to me

Grey chick: not sure. I'd like to say pullet, but need a pic of the comb.

Chipmunk: The comb looks pretty broad, and from what I'm learning on here, those three rows more often than not points to boy. It'll be interesting to see what they grow into; update this thread along the way, please!
Chick 1 I think is a girl, looks like typical girl colors to me and the "comb" looks smooth, not much details

Chick 2 can't really see comb well, but good tail for her age, I'm leaning towards girl for her (my boy had almost no tail feathers until he was over 8 wks)

Chick 3 Looks all boy to me, that comb at just 5 wks.
Thanks for the input! I'm a little sad, because it is such a friendly chick. Actually, both the SSH roo and the chipmunk EE will hop right up and perch on my arm, hunkering down for several minutes. I will try to get a better picture of the comb on the gray chick tomorrow, but here is one that I took earlier today that at least gives a different angle:


It's similar to the red chick (for now anyway). S/he has a really puffy butt and puffy pantaloons. Very cute. It's also my most shy and nervous chick- eats last, runs first, despite the fact that it hatched 24 hours before the others and had a head start. That's the main reason I think it's a girl. It's so pretty and sweet- I hope I can keep it.
Update: What do you think about the gender of the 3 EEs? Hatched around Easter, so about 9 weeks old. They all look so different, I was just hoping some EE folks could weigh in on my theories.

They all have different combs, body sizes, tail shapes, and personalities. Your guesses are much appreciated! (Tell me what makes you think that and how sure you are if possible- comb, feather, legs, size, etc.) It's the usual story- They are all super friendly and I am trying to figure out if I can keep all 3, but I need to re-home boys before they crow!

I have more pics, so let me know if you need to see a specific chick/view.

All 3 EE chicks together:


Grey Chick (#2):



Red Chick (#1) and Chipmunk Chick (#3):


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1 red is a girl
2 gray/ blue is a girl
3 chipmunk with orange splashes is a boy.

I have similar coloring with my 8 week old Roos.

At least those are my guesses.

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