**update** ENLARGED Crop, suspect WORMS!

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**UPDATE** Now thinking that it is worms. Check my latest post and please I appreciate any feedback!

**UPDATE** to the below. Today she is still kind of wobbly on her feet, but she does get up and move around. Laying down more than usual. I picked her up just a few minutes ago and her crop feels very large. She is still eating and drinking on her own. What do you think could be the cause. Should I remove her from the flock? Should I give her a special diet? I have read that maybe olive oil would help and yogurt. But do you think she needs meds? Her poop is still watery and yellowish, and sticking to the feathers on her backside. Please I really need advice, can anyone help me??

My prior post reads:
I need some advice please.

I have a 5-6 month old easter egger pullet who has been less energenic than usual for the past week. She stopped sleeping on the roost a couple of nights ago and has been sleeping in the nest box. She has been eating and drinking but with less enthusiasm. This morning she had runny yellow diarrhea almost the color of a light yellow egg yoke. She hasn't started laying yet but is right at that age. None of my other 7 chickens are having any symptoms at all. Any idea what could be wrong with her? I appreciate any assistance.
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Please! Does anyone have any suggestions? We do not have a vet that I can consult with that takes care of chickens.
I have no idea, but I hope this bump will help.

Sorry... and just my opinion... I would seperate her immediately. I would bring her in to keep an eye on her, give her scrambled egg, yogurt and poly-visol infant vitamins (without iron)... watch her crop to see what it is like at bedtime and what it is like in the morning.

Good luck.

Yes, I think that it is an impacted crop. I hope that we are able to get it moving, I don't want to try to cut her open unless she can't eat anymore. She is still eating. I have her secluded in a nice pen in the basement where she will be warm and quiet. She has plenty of water and is drinking it very well. I gave her some scrambled eggs and yogurt, she is eating the eggs slowly but eating it. I also gave her some olive oil in a dropper and massaged her crop. She seemed to enjoy that, and I could feel it between my fingers... like a ball of dough. I just hope this works and she gets better. She is so close to laying her first egg too! I want her to be able to do that!
OK so now I know what the real culprit is!! I found a small (a bit larger than a grain of rice) white sticky thing hanging out of the side of her beak. This is WORMS!! Yuck! I read that when you can see them and it is this far you have to be careful on how to treat. So I will start with a mild wormer and go from there. I guess I should do the whole flock right?? Can anyone reccommend the best course of treatment? Does her outlook look good if this is the cause of her issues? She is still eating and drinking and she is not droopy but still not herself. She feels thin beyond her enlarged crop, so I'm guessing that is where the infestation is, perhaps keeping her from digesting most of her food. Any insight is appreciated!
I recently had a chicken kind of failing to thrive, got droopy and slow. When I picked her up she was skin and bones. Large soft crop. I emptied the crop and got some yogurt and eggs into her then wormed with piperazine. She bounced right back in a couple days and I followed up with Fenbendazole last week. She has put on nearly 1/2 a pound in 2-3 weeks. Still a small bird but I think she Auracuna crossed with a bantam so not as big as the other EEs.

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