Update: Filly with Eye Infection...long, sorry!

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    Apr 18, 2008
    Hi guys. Here's the update...

    I've had the most exhausting, stressful day ever. Well, the vet came out. First of all, my little sweet filly was not acting very sweet. They had to sedate her, when that didnt work, they had to halter her, then twitch her, then it took 2 men to hold her. Wow. What happened to my sweet little cooperate girl? And all that for a little 4 mo old!

    Here's where it gets worse...they put the dye in her eye, the vet tells me it's the worst eye puncture he's seen. Of course it is! Just her luck. So he says that we have a decision to make. 1. We can keep her at home and put 3 types of ointment in her eye, 4 times a day, for probably at least 2 weeks. And even w/that, there's no guarantee that she wont lose her sight. Or 2. We can take her and the mare, the 45 or so miles up the highway to the vet's office and they will treat her there. Which this is the vet's recommendation because if it were to get worse, they'll already have her there. So here's where it gets even more ugly!

    I have been boarding the mare and filly for a friend. This guy is a good guy, I do want to say that first of all, however some people are just not meant to be animal owners. He's one of these. He's so focused on the cost of her care that he doesnt even stop to think of her or well being. He tells me if this cost him more than $500 total, he's putting her down! And when the vet tells him over the phone that it will, then he calls and tells me he wants to put her to sleep TODAY! W/o any time to even see if her eye can heal! Can you believe that!!! Well, I'm already emotional and upset because I've had her in my care since before she was born...so I'm obviously very invested and attached to her. So I told him no way, the vet said this is not a life threatening situation at all, the worst that could happen is she could lose her eye but otherwise live a normal life. He doesnt care about this...still focused on the cost. So I tell him, Ok, fine I will pay for this but then she is therefore my horse now! He agrees, so there it is...I now own her.

    So we had to RENT a truck at Uhaul, then go RENT a horse trailer at a place...my mom and brother come up...we try to get the mare and filly into the trailer in the intense mid day heat for about 2 hours w/o any success. And did I mention I am very pregnant! Yeah, fun for us. Finally after about fainting from the heat and stress of the day, my hubby shows up after work, helps finally getting them loaded. Oh and the mare falls completely in the trailer, we thought for a second she broke a leg but luckily she's ok...and we drive the distance to the vet's office. Whoa.

    We got there in one piece, got them inside the stall, my wonderful vet who is the best ever is so reassuring I did the right thing when I talk to him about how I'll be taking over the filly now, and says there's no way he'd put her down ever over a eye infection like this...that it might be she loses her eye but that's insane!

    So she and the mare are now there, thank god. They will probably keep them there for awhile, no telling how long...we may be looking at weeks they said. I nearly colapsed afterwards...partially out of emotion and then relief that she was there and I know will be receiving the best possible care. What a day, one of the worst I can tell you ever. Thanks for the good wishes. I'm really praying for the best, that's all I can do now. Sorry, I know this was very long!
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    Jan 19, 2008
    What a MESS! I am so sorry your going thru this esp while being so pregnant! What a JERK that guys is! Glad you can take care of the filly. Goodluck
  3. patandchickens

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    Apr 20, 2007
    Ontario, Canada
    What a day for you! Sounds like she is in good hands though [​IMG]

    I hope you have a signed contract transferring ownership of the filly in Very Clear Language with no ambiguity whatsoever? Because I have seen things like this turn into major messes, if the horse gets better and the original owner decides he wants to retroactively unilaterally undo having given the horse away. Make sure there is a bill of sale in writing signed by both parties.

    Best of luck to you and the filly,

  4. Skyesrocket

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    Mar 20, 2008
    Wow, COCO! Please, sit down, put your feet up and take it easy!
    Pat is right on. Get a signed transfer on the filly. This is important. Please don't put it off or he could change his mind and it would be your word against his.
    Best of Luck! Carrie

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