UPDATE...lone chick with Moose beanie baby...

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  1. An update on Felix the lone surviving chick that slept with his "lovey"...Chocolate the beanie baby Moose...

    We ordered a bantam assortment from My Pet Chicken that came yesterday and he now has 9 teeny tiny friends. As small as Felix is, he towers over some of those chicks!! I never realized how small bantam chicks are.

    At first when one of the chicks got on top of his "lovey" (the moose), he ran them off. Today he is letting them around it so I guess they've become friends. [​IMG]
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    Awwww, that is so sweet! I tried your idea with my lone chick, I gave it a small stuffed cat and it is snuggling with it as we speak! It even slept with it last night. Congratulations on all your babies and thanks for the idea!

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