Update on Crooked Neck Chick w/Vitamin Defic

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    It looked hopeless for awhile, his neck kept turning backward and I had to force feed him. I kept up with liquid vitamins and vit E and scrambled eggs etc. I made a brace for his neck out of vet wrap to make sure his neck didn't twist so bad he stopped breathing. The vet didn't have a Vit E shot availble nd didn't hold out much promise for him.Yesterday he looked horrible and depressed he just sat and sat and pulled off his brace.He sat with his neck up but pressed in a corner. He just cried and cried. I felt awlful. I was going to ask my neighbor to do the Deed and put him out of his misery.I went to bed with a heavy heart. This morning I painfully cracked open the door to his room and surprisingly saw him up,eating away, neck straighter then before.When he saw me it got all wobbily but he can hold it up better, eat on his own and even stand on one leg to scratch.. I know we are not out of the woods but this gives me hope.And I think he has hope too. I named him Look Out, since he is always looking up with one eye.
    THANK YOU TO EVERYONE For your help and support:[​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Hi Chickenzoo - so glad to hear your little crook-neck chick is better. It takes a little time but with vitamin E, Poly-Vi-Sol and scrambled eggs daily it will get better and better each day. You can probably take the neck brace off if it seems to be causing it stress. It's better if the chick is calm and can get some rest. Of course, if it's twisted so bad that it can't eat then I guess you should leave it. When I tried a neck brace with Ruth it caused her such distress that I took it off.

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