Update on my RIR roosters dilemma


8 Years
Jul 16, 2011
Donegal, Ireland
Thanks to all you guys that helped me out over the weekend with my RIR rooster/hen dilemma! Just wanted to give you guys an update. I contacted the seller. He came and refunded my money and also gave me a French Copper Blue Maran hen on the house. He took 2 of the roosters with him. (I asked to keep one of them, as it had always been bullied by the other two and was noticeablly thinner). I then sourced some 25 week old ISA browns that have just started laying. and added them to the flock. So, all in all it turned out well in the end. I have a sneaking feeling that however, that he is going to kill the other 2 roosters, which makes me a bit sad!

Also feel VERY silly that I didnt realise sooner that they were all roosters. Especially when I see my rooster standing next to my new hens! I was waiting for eggs for AGES!!
I see the funny side also though.

Thanks for the advice guys!
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