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  1. i just had a little showgirl hatch out with her navel open and some protrusion. i dabbed a Preperation H medicated wipe on it. Then i tried some cold dextrose water my vet had given me to shrink the prolapse on my hen. But i'm worried. i've never seen this before and worried it might pull out. Any advice?

    Uploading pictures now.


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    Wow seeing the pictures, it is bigger than I thought. I had this happen twice, the first one had to be culled, but the second one did fine. I kept it in the incubator a little longer than the others, and it dried up , or went back in. I cannot tell which one it is now! Big help huh? My first one was worse than yours, it was pretty bad. I'm sory I cannot help, good luch with your baby!
  3. Thank you patyrdz. i appreciate you taking the time to respond at this late hour. Why do chicks wait until bedtime to hatch out? i just checked on her and it doesn't appear to be getting any worse. In fact, it looks a little better than in the pictures. This little showgirl is so pretty and seems healthy otherwise. i sure hope she makes it.

    i must not have my temps and humidity right. i have the Genesis 1588, with a thermostat and forced air. But it seems to run a little too hot, and then i've had a devil of a time getting the humidity just right. i don't know. i have two other eggs in there due to hatch tomorrow. This little one came a day too soon.
  4. i wanted to post an update in case anyone else has issues with open navels, unhealed umbilical cord areas, protruding insides, etc. i had never seen this before and it was pretty alarming. i'm not sure if the medicated Prep H wipes helped. But i left her in the incubator over night and into the next day. As time went on the opening shrunk and the insides went back inside. It was a huge relief. She is now a healthy happy Showgirl with a teeny bump where that scary thing used to be. It's just unfortunate she was the only chick to hatch, so she's alone. But at least she is alive.

    Here she is:

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    Thx for posting a follow up. I have 6 new hatches in the incubator tonight and 2 look like your first pics. In searching for what to do I came across your posts and I'm feeling a little better. I'll leave the 2 in tonight and hope for the best. Maybe I'll try some prepH too.
  6. Hi - i'm not totally sure if it was the Prep H or just that time was needed to heal. But it did look like the area shrunk after i did the wipe.

    i also had a subsequent one hatch who had an open navel and his gonads outside his body. Those healed back in over night.

    Good luck, and i would be interested in hearing how things go for your little ones.
  7. I'm having trouble with my 2 week old in the same area but her's "looks" like an infection...


    Thank you for the update, I have more confidence that I may be able to save my favorite little chick.

  8. Hum, it does look a little bit infected, with the oozing. i wonder if a little neosporin might help. You also may want to post this as a new thread to get additional input.

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