Update (pg 11): Daisy's crop - successful surgery and now eating!

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  1. I have a ten month old black australorp hen who seems a little under the weather at the moment.

    She hasn't laid for two weeks, then about ten days ago her appetite dropped off and she started dropping feathers. Her poo is quite sparce and green (clearly from not eating much), and sometimes a bit runny/frothy. She's also preening a lot of the time and sitting down more than usual. Otherwise though, she's her same old self - flying up onto our picnic table (which for a hen as huge as she is must take some effort!), chasing the wild birds and still with a lovely red comb and wattles. She's also drinking fine.

    Is she just suffering and feeling miserable with this molt, or could she be ill?
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  2. Any advice? I'd be really grateful, thanks...
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    The molt could explain everything. I don't know what your worming schedule is or if you checked for mites though.
  4. Quote:I worm regularly (about four times a year) with flubenvet and/or ivermectin (I use ivermectin when there is evidence of external parasites too) and haven't seen any mites since last summer. I dusted all the girls with ani-mite and louse powder about eight weeks ago but I don't suppose it would do any harm to dust them again. Thanks for the advice!
  5. Anyone else think there might be something other than molting going on here? I will dust again for mites (and considering our egg production is really down right now, I might just use some ivermectin pour on for all the girls and toss the eggs for ten days) but is there anything else I should be doing for poor Daisy?
  6. Okay, so I used ivomec pour on, and checked her thoroughly - no mites/lice that I can see. She's drinking a LOT - could this be significant? She's eating grass and a few grains for scratch, but not a lot else.

    Please anyone, I love this chicken!
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    I'm sorry that I don't have an answer for you, I've not been through a molt with my girls yet. But I was wondering if maybe you could try some supplemental approaches to boost her immune system just in case she is sick. Can you tempt her to eat if you give her a scrambled egg? If so, the protein would be good for her, and you could use it to deliver some supplements to support her immune system.....mix in some probios probiotic powder (from the feed store), and then mix that with some cod liver oil (high in vit a), if she will eat the egg then you can make a mash out if those ingredients to get hwr some nutrition. Try putting a teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar or maybe some electrolyte powder in her water as well.

    I'm no expert by any means, but have spent a decent amount of time researching preventative chicken nutrition. Also, has it been hot where you are? I don't think they are supposed to have scratch when its really hot.

    Sorry I can't be of more help.....I love my girls too, and hate seeing posts like this go unanswered.
    Please keep me updated! I'm scared of going through my first molt and would really like to know if this is normal or not.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for your girl!
    Andrea [​IMG]
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    Cara! How have you and your feather-kids been doing? (other than this post, that is...).

    Re: the hen of the hour, there could be more going on. To bolster her strength, supplement her (everyone) with nutritional supplement Avia Charge 2000 in water daily (if you aren't already) - can be ordered on line and I've given it every day for years, though I only mix enough in to make a light colored tea. At the concentrations noted on the container my birds turn up their nose (beak) at the prospect of drinking water that approximates sludge in its appearance and taste.

    While waiting for it to arrive (if not on hand) you can give 3 drops daily of children's liquid Polyvisol vitamins (administered via dropper along her beak line, so she swallows on her own and doesn't choke). Hopefully you have that stuff where you live (no doubt at least the equivalent..) . From what I can gather, the stuff tastes wretched so maybe immediately afterward give her something tasty that she likes (e.g. couple of cut in half blueberries or whatever), so she learns there is an up side to the whole sordid affair.

    Also try to coax her into eating whatever will work - sunflower seeds, various fruits and veggies (not too much of each), egg... I am sure you're already doing this because I know how much you care.

    You can also do a day or two with ACV in the water (as Andrea notes) instead of Avia - not in metal dishes.

    Even if it's just a molt (and it may well be), these things are an appropriate response since we know molts take a lot out of them. If she has something bacterial or viral or parasitic going on she may well need more intervention in the form of meds. Blood work may pinpoint the problem or a vet might just suggest most logical meds based on symptoms.

    I hope she will be okay [​IMG] [​IMG]

  9. Thanks so much for the replys. I'm getting really worried now.

    I've seen her eat some wetted baby rusks and some scrambled eggs today, and she's drinking lots, but the poo is basically phleghmy white liquid with green bits in it. She's obviously not eating anywhere near enough.

    I've given some probiotics, chicken vitamin supplement in the water, and some aloe vera juice. I will try and get some baby vitamins into her too.

    It's a shame it's Friday, and therefore we will have to get through the weekend before I can do anything in terms of vet exams. I can't take her today as I have to take my daughter somewhere and just don't have the time.

    I'm watching her digging around outside now, and you wouldn't know there's much wrong with her from looking. I hope that's a good sign. She's got lots of pin feathers coming through too, so maybe that's good as well.

    Poor thing is only 11 months old - she can't be on her way out yet. [​IMG]

    JJ: we're all good. We lost Henrietta in January, but I have a new girl, Topsy, who has five chicks at the moment. I hope two are girls, just in case Daisy doesn't make it and we need to replace her. I hope you're well x
  10. She just flew up onto our bench! That's the most I've seen her do in a few days!

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