UPDATE! Raccoon Family! RIP Lady Chicken

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    Update added at 9:45am -- I am not believing this! After a short nap DH was sitting on the porch telling his father of our night, and looking up into the tree , when he realized there was another raccoon up there! Death count now stands at 5 raccoons!

    We (DH, DDx2, DD's BF, BFF, and myself) just spent the past several hours in the backyard hunting.

    At 2am DH heard chicken panic noise in the yard. He went out the backdoor and fouond our favorite pet hen, Lady, was being attacked by a raccoon! The coon and it's buddy ran up the tree in the center of our yard. They were trapped, but I had to drive across town (45 min round-trip) to get a gun from my daddy. After shooting the two coons we discovered that there were two more up the tree too! So, our hunt netted an entire family! Momma, Daddy and two young ones.

    The last shot we were forced to take was to end the suffering of our beloved Lady Chicken. DH cried as hard as the rest of us. For those who haven't read my other posts, Lady Chicken was the last survivor of the three chickens we rescued from our BFF's Perdue raiser farm. She will be very missed.

    This is our granddaughter, Olivia, loving Lady Chicken.
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    [​IMG] So sorry for your loss. That really stinks.
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