UPDATE Roo with broken leg in chicken sling, now green runny poop


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Jun 10, 2008
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Hi there,


Our roo, Vida, with the broken leg, is having green, runny poop. I don't believe he has been eating very good the last few days, and today, just now, we rearranged him in his chicken sling and gave him some cut up grapes and hardboiled eggs, he ate like he was starving, and after that he pooped the green, runny stuff.
Is this normal for a roo since he hasn't been eating and therefor he doesn't have a lot to poop, or is something else going on, i.e. is now getting sick as well?

We are trying so hard to keep him comfy, but if it gets to the point of having to put him down because he is suffering, we will climb that mountain when we get there.

Please any help/thougts would be so very appreciated.

Thanks, Kycklingmamma


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Feb 12, 2009
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Make sure he is eating and drinking. If you can, take a sample of his poo to the vet and get it tested for coccidia or other parasites. It may be that he is just stressed but I would get it tested if possible. Feed him yogurt (plain) he should love that and it's good for his intestinal tract. How is his leg doing? Can you tell if it appears to be healing yet?

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