UPDATE! Sexing Black Copper Marans Chicks

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  1. Hello again everyone! A while ago I asked if anyone had any tips on sexing young black copper marans chicks- it was recommended to take some pictures. So here's the five little ones! They are just over 3 weeks old- any input? There is one (first picture) with significantly larger tail feathers, the others are all basically identical body-wise.




  2. Hi there, I got my BCM at 4 weeks and it wasn't until 1-2 weeks later that one of them developed a larger comb and wattles. I think you need to wait a while longer, however, we could venture some guesses if they were standing rather than being held and the combs were all visible. Based on these photos anything I said would be a wild guess, sorry.
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    Still too young to tell. By about 6 to 8 weeks is when the male/female feather patterns start coming in. Males will have dark red on the shoulders/wings. Females will only get 'copper' on their necks and chest area.
  4. Thank you!
    I'll wait a couple weeks and post some free-standing pictures with some good headshots :)
  5. Well, I just found the picture from this Spring taken a few days after getting our Marans. The lighter one in the back was the only light one the breeder had and he was an obvious cockerel at 4 weeks when I got them - we were told he was a splash, but he ended up be a gorgeous, but aggressive Blue Copper Marans. The others I hoped were all pullets. Can you pick out the one that isn't? When I took this picture it was the first time I went - uh-oh Cherry's a he! They were 4 weeks and 4 days here. So, yes with this breed it is best to wait, but sometimes you can tell early on.
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    They all look like pullets at this point. BCM's can telecast very early...I knew at 2 weeks which was a roo in my batch. You can see them in my BCM photo folder below. It is very easy to tell who is a he by the comb size.

    So nobody is screaming roo at this point...looks good for pullets...but obviously time will tell.


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