<Update> She's hatching!!!<fuzzy butt pics!!>


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Sep 14, 2008
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My araucana mix hen is finally hatching!! Of course the only one so far that hatched on time! I think she might even be a day late!! She has 4 so far, with 3 eggs to go!!
Here's mama...

Granted they aren't all 'her' chicks, but she hatched them so that makes them hers right?
Will post pics of the babies as soon as she's done!!!
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No this one is in a rabbit hutch. I had my first broody of the year taken right off the nest as she was hatching, so ALL my broodies are in cages. The ones with babies are in tractors on the ground with their buckets, but they don't get to roam until the babies are a few weeks old. The hen that dissappeared was the best mama hen that I had, and I wish I wouldn't have had to lose her to realize it was a bad location, but live and learn I guess. If you can get buckets with lids, that works much better. Hers doesn't have one, and she has a block sitting in front of it. She would go in to roll the eggs, and roll them right out of the bucket!! I haven't checked her again yet (I like to keep my skin!) but I will update with pics as soon as I can!!
So the hen that disappeared...these are her eggs? & the girl in the pic is hatching them? What a good girl!

My hen disappeared & about 21 days later she appeared with 15 baby chicks! We thought she was hawk food. What a miracle. Sorry your mama is gone. I know I was just sick about my girl & when she re-appeared....well my mouth is still sitting on the ground!

That bucket box is a neat idea! Good luck with the rest of the hatching. Can't wait to see pics.
No the one that disappeared happened about 2 months ago. She was in a bucket like this, that was just sitting on a talbe in the barn. It was a-ok until she started hatching. I guess something heard the chick peeping, and stole her right off the nest. She only hatched one chick, and by the time we found out that she was gone, all the eggs were cold.
This one is just setting on a collection of everyone else's eggs, though I do think most of them are hers!
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Awwwww, that is so sad! Stole her right out of the barn! Scary! I am so sorry! I know mine are like my children. Seriously!

My Bantie that I told you about & her chicks, well I think they are a mix as well from the other 2 Banties, we couldn't figure out where they were laying them. I am sure that is why 15 hatched out.

Now as far as the buckets go, do you have them set up in every pen? Are they nesting boxes for gathering eggs or for both that & hatching eggs. I am just curious cause that is such a simple great idea!

Remember to post lots of pics when you have little peepers!
Yeah that is what I have for gathering or setting. I also have 1 milk crate, cause I ran out of buckets!! They haven't used that yet, but I think the roo has been in there, it looks a little 'made-up'. The only down side to the buckets is you have to stabilize them, and they need some kind of front on them. Most of mine have the lids, with a hole cut out, but this one has a block in front that can't be seen in the pic. She is still setting on the nest, I noticed the babies around 10 am. I will check her again tonight, but I would think she will come off the nest tomorrow. She only had 3 more eggs to hatch so it shouldn't be much longer!

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