UPDATE: We're building a new coop! (5 new pics)

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    **SCROLL down for the two newest pics of the finished coop!**

    Our vet gave us his old 8'6"x6'6" open air coop a few weeks ago and have plans to frame the walls, add a floor, replace the roof, add windows, etc. This coop will replace our old 4'x8' A-frame coop where are 4 chickens currently sleep/lay. We have been wanting to upgrade for quite some time so we can get more chickens! If all goes as planned, we will be able to get a bunch of new chicks in the spring. Yay! [​IMG]

    My DH is a biology professor with carpentry tendencies. [​IMG] So far, I think it looks pretty good! I will be adding pictures to this post as DH makes progress on the coop. So far the roof has been replaced, walls have been framed, and a floor has been added. Next: enclose walls, add three 24"x24" windows, make nest boxes, add siding. Stay tuned!

    Our current A-frame coop (with naughty dogs inside) [​IMG] Don't worry, they only eat the chicken food, not the chickens.

    The "new" coop. Chicken wire had been removed and the floor started by this point.

    This is where we are at now. Walls are up and the floor and roof are installed.

    The walk-in door will be on the left, a 24"x24" window on the right.

    Bowser the barred rock helps out where she can. [​IMG]

    Site supervisors. [​IMG]

    The roof is done!

    Nest boxes are done and Bowser does an inspection.

    The nest boxes work! One of our EEs who hasn't layed for months figured them out! (look closely in the nearest box)

    The back wall and the door are on. The rest of the walls will be installed after the windows come in.
    It has been a while since I have been on BYC, but we finished the coop last fall. It has been sitting empty all winter and is ready for our new little flock. We will be moving them in in a few weeks!
    Here are the nest boxes. In a couple of weeks we will install flooring and roosts. Yay!
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    It's going to be nice! [​IMG]
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    Looking great! I love Bowser's name. That just makes me [​IMG]!
  4. alhanse77

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    Apr 23, 2010
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    Quote:My then 5 year-old son named her after his favorite Mario Brother's character. [​IMG]
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    Hi, Looks great so far.....nice job. Few questions/suggestions. What will your roofing material be? Might want to consider a rafter on each end(part of osb hanging over) with blocks tieing it in to the first rafter from each end that is in place now. That osb hanging will sag in time without support. Also, will there be a facia on front and back? Otherwise looks pretty sturdy. Looking forward to more photos. good luck with project.
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    I also wanted to suggest or comment on what fireguy said. It appears you've already done the roof, and hopefully the wood is already pressure treated, but I was going to suggest having the separate pieces meet over a rafter. The wood warps and then its hard to get flat again. My husband and I wanted to screw it into the rafters, but the guy that was doing it insisted on having it evenly spaced and loose. Well long story short, we ended up having to add extra 2x4's where the plywood met to make it flat enough to shingle.
    Anyway, we got it to work and its not the end of world, but it might make things easier.
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    My Coop
    Nice! Our BPRs are always helping out as well. Love the pictures.
  8. DirtCreature

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    awesome! cant wait to see it all done! [​IMG]
  9. alhanse77

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    Apr 23, 2010
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    Quote:Thanks for the suggestions! I think that is the plan with the roof. It is not totally done yet. I did hear something about facia from my DH. [​IMG] We also plan on using some felt paper and leftover asphalt tiles for the roof, too.
  10. kuntrygirl

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    WOW! Can't wait to see the finished project. Lookin' good! [​IMG]

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