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Mix and match $2 each unless marked otherwise, plus shipping. There are big fat books, patterns and magazines. PM me with the ones you want and I will pack them and invoice you with cheapest shipping. Some are best bet at Priority flat boxes. I take PayPal and Postal Money Orders


1) Afghans to Knit and Crochet-SOLD
2)The Personal Touch-Designs to Paint or Applique
3)Baby Sweaters-3 knit designs-SOLD
4) Jann Johnson's Discovery Book of Crafts
5) The Right Way to Knit-SOLD
6) The Right Way to Knit 2-SOLD


1) Bernat Gift Bazaar Handicrafter-SOLD
2) Mc Calls Needlework (magazine)-SOLD
3) Complete Guide to Needlework
4) Broomstick Lace-6 designs to knit and crochet SOLD
5) Caps Hats and Helmets to Knit and Crochet-SOLD
6) Ultimate Christmas Book-Crochet


1) Just Cross Stitch-Passenger Pigeons-May/June 1983
2)Treasures of the Sea-Cross Stitch-Booklet #3
3) Just Cross Stitch-The Needle's Prayse-May/June 1986
4) DeGrazia Holiday in Cross Stitch-Book II-Sundance Designs



1) A Signature in Time-Contemporary Samplers to Cross Stitch - $7
2) Just Cross Stitch-Share Thy Bounty-November 1995
3) Birdwatcher-Book 20-cross stitch
4) The Prairie Schooler-Garden Blooms-cross stitch
5) Peony-cross stitch pattern
6) Irises-cross stitch pattern



1) Ocean Gallery-cross stitch patterns
2) The Mistletoe Express-Cross Stitch and Quilting
3) Just Cross Stitch-Sept/Oct 1983
4) Greetings in Cross Stitch - $5
5) 999 Fabulous Cross Stitch Patterns $8 SOLD
6) Holidays in Cross Stitch -$5 SOLD
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