UPDATED... Now looking for 8 sexed chicks near SLC or willing to ship!!!!


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Jun 2, 2012
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Hey All!

I am looking for some sexed chicks... from someone near Salt Lake, or willing to ship to me. (Shipping costs covered of course!) I need ones that are docile and don't mind being confined (we have a VERY VERY VERY large run..its like over half of our yard) I am aiming for a pretty egg basket... I lost over half my flock due to an attack and we have since moved into a new house.. We only have 2 golden sexlinks, and 1 silver laced wynadotte now

***looking for 8 sexed chicks now****
Some breeds I am interested in are (but not limited to)
Blue Ameracaunas
Lavender Orpingtons
Marans (I had a black one, and an all white one... but they didn't lay the dark eggs which is really what I wanted)
Green/Olive egg layers
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