Updated pictures of our chicks!

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    May 11, 2010
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    Here are some updated photos of our girls. We had them home since April 27th. They have been living in the coop/run since last week Saturday. They are doing good. Going up into the coop at night and I open the chicken door and they come down for fun during the day. Just a little over 4 weeks I believe if that is how you count it.

    This one we are calling Carmel. She sure is getting pretty brown feathers in with the black ones.

    This one is Patty, not sure if it is a boy or girl? if it turns out to be a boy it will be Pat and sent on his way! LOL

    Loving the Dandelions!

    The "Runt" very friendly

    Enjoying an afternoon snack.

    This one we call big Momma, or Sylvia she is in charge. She is stretching herself here.

    Little white or grey coming in on the breast. Pretty.

    Well let me know what you think of our Ladies..[​IMG][​IMG]
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    Mar 22, 2010
    They look like they are having lots of fun! [​IMG] The small hay feeder for the dandelions is a really good idea. I think I have one laying around here somewhere that the guinea pigs didn't like, now I know where I can use it [​IMG]

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