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**Updated Sales/Eggs List** Rare Feathers Farm, WA STATE

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Auction - Archives' started by Rare Feathers Farm, Apr 29, 2009.

  1. Here is my updated list of hatching eggs/birds for sale. Please note that there are some waiting lists for most of my birds. I will accept payment and eggs will ship on a first paid basis. For those of you that have already paid, your eggs will ship first!

    Prices vary on each breed. Eggs will be shipped in groups of 4-6 each.

    Lemon Blue Cochins + (current wait time is 2-4 weeks, approx, I have some broodiness to conquer!)
    Golden Laced Cochins not accepting any more orders for now
    Salmon Faverolle Bantams (fall 2009)
    Blue Orpingtons* (current wait time is 2-4 weeks, approx)
    Black Standard Sumatras# (current wait time is 2-4 weeks, approx)
    Mille Fleur Cochins # (fall 2009)
    Crevecoeurs * + available now
    White Faced White Spanish (spring 2010)
    Golden laced Orpingtons (spring 2010)
    Lemon Blue Orpingtons (spring 2010)
    Bantam Mottled Houdans (fall 2009)
    Muscovy Ducks+ (chocolate pied and black & white pied--separated by color) available now
    Black Cayugas* available now
    Yellow Golden Pheasants available now
    Sebastopol Geese not accepting any more orders for now
    Silkie Bantam Ducks sold out until 2010

    * Breeding trios or pairs for sale, please inquire about prices
    # Adult or juvenile birds for sale now
    + Chicks or ducklings for sale this summer, prices start at $5 each!

    Sorry, I do not ship live birds. Delivery can be arranged within parts of Washington/Oregon/Idaho.
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  2. I will accept trades for the following eggs:

    bantam salmon faverolles
    chocolate or chocolate pied muscovies
    cold-hardy/heat tolerant, good egg laying/meat bird "heritage" breeds (with good temperments)
    May consider SQ Light Brahmas as well
    dewlap africans

    non-live trades:

    chicken tractors
    chicken wire
    hardware cloth
    goose egg rack for hovabator auto-turner

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