Updated:sick hen may have pendulous crop that has soured. Any advice?


5 Years
Apr 27, 2014
We have a nearly year old hen that has had a swollen breast for awhile now. She acts ok in general, eats and drinks normally, that's why it hasn't caused a lot of concern.
Recently, she has started spending less time with the other chickens and sometimes sleeps on her own. Yesterday, she began shaking and has isolated herself in the coop, though she still eats and drinks. We are building her an isolation pen right now, so we can watch her more carefully.

We had started apple cider vinegar earlier but have changed that to just water with a little baking soda, no food right now. She is now isolated. When we went to move her to the isolation pen, we massaged her for quite a while and her breath did stink, but I'm not sure about inducing vomiting to empty the crop. I don't feel certain on doing it myself and won't have help until tomorrow. She also has very stinky poop.
Any advice?
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