Updates on my May hatch...Columbo's 1st babies** LOTS of pics....**

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    Okay, I just ran out and took some more pics of the first batch I ever incubated. All 15 are thriving and doing very well. I know 8 are definitely roos and think maybe 2 more in the bunch also. I will be keeping the best one of the roos that look like Columbo.

    Here are the 7 that I am pretty sure are roos:

    Here is one of the remaining two that I think may be a pullet:

    Here is the other one I think may be a hen, along with a barred out one that I think is a roo:

    Here is the same barred one. He is the only chick so far out of 4 batches that has barred.

    Here he is again with 2 of the four black ones:

    Here is another of the black ones:

    And here is one of the black ones that is mostly white around the head....thinking it may be a roo, not sure:

    Well, that's 14 of the 15. I couldn't get the BL cross to slow down enough for a pic, lol. I have no idea gender on that one, gonna have to get a pic.
    All of these babies have a Columbian Wyandotte for the dad, and the moms are: RIR, PR, BR, BL

    Oh, I forgot to add that they are all just turned 12 weeks old.
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    They all look beautiful and very happy! Congrats!

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