Upintheholler and Pasofinofarm eggs, LOCKDOWN and leghorn broody


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Oct 30, 2009
Magnolia, TX
I got the eggs ordered from Upintheholler today in the mail!

6 Araucana eggs and 6 Olive eggers (welsummerXAraucana)
They were packaged with lots of bubble wrap and each egg was individually wraped, beautiful! not a single break! I can't wait to see how these develop! and especially see how the olive eggs turn out, hope to get some of those with the dark speckles. The araucana eggs are very pretty and I had a hard time finding a shot that they didn't blend in too much with the egg carton, LOL

I also ran up to Pasofinofarm and bought a dozen of their BCM eggs, which are beautiful looking!

She gave me the tour of her farm and we got to meet all of her animals! This place is amazing! I have been to some local breeders and toured their facilities, and I have got to say that this IS THE place to buy your chickens from! Everything was clean looking and you couldn't even smell the animals! it was spectactular and the animals are all very well cared for! She is an A+++++ Breeder!

And now the games begin!
(Also, I had to promise my husband that these were the LAST eggs I would be hatching.... we will see how that works out for us LOL)
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I am excited! I haven't set them just yet, Still making sure the bator is going to stay at good temp. Silly me, I was too occupied with running up to get the BCM that I didn't even get anything ready until after dinner time LOL
Awwww ... I've got some 4 week old siblings to your soon-to-be babies!!! I hatched 12 or 13 of the 17 eggs she sent me .. Little cuties!!

They were set this morning, I was to afraid of a spike throughout the night.

So starts day 1!

ETA: We have some of our own mix flock eggs in there for my son's chickie project. He wants to sell some little chicks to a couple of our neighbors and the feed store down the road. We think it will be a good lesson for him to learn how hard it is to make a dollar vs. how quick it is to spend it LOL
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I candled last night, I could see where a bunch of them started growing. They had clear viens and everything, though no movement. should I have seen movement?
There was a heat spike of 102. I don't know how long it was like that, When I got up it was at 100 but I could see where the high point said it reached 102....
I am so upset

not a single movement out of a full incubator at day 7, what are the chances they are alive?
I want to teach my son the same lesson:old However, I think I need to learn it for myself first!
"I spent all the money I'm going to spend this year on chickens!".."Oh look there's another chicken I need!"
Yeah, he gets an allowance, but spends it as soon as he gets it. so I figure maybe if he sees how hard it is to really make it maybe he will hang onto it longer? I don't know. Once they hatch I am going to take him around to the feed stores with his chicks to see if they will buy them from him
But he may learn that it is hard to make money when something like this goes wrong and you end up with nothing to sell.
we are going to be so upset if nothing comes of this batch

plus I will have to explain to him why mommy is spending MORE money on more eggs to hatch if these don't work out. LOL Hope I don't end up with my foot in my mouth.

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