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  1. SusanJoM

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    What happens when my uploaded pictures exceed the space allocated to me?

    If I delete a picture that has been uploaded, does the image get stripped out of the post(s) where that picture was included? Or does the image stay in the message?


  2. SusanJoM

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    Quote:Okay, so I re-read it, and what I understand is that since I now have used 70% of the space allotted to me, when I need more space I will have to delete one of the earlier images, and then if someone goes to look at an old post that used that image, they will get a blank.....right?

    Also, can you explain a bit more to me about the difference between using a thumbnail and an image?

    Sorry to be slow at getting this, but....I'm old...[​IMG] [​IMG]

  3. Colored Egg Farmer

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    Yes when you delete your pic any post it is on becomes a blank photo. I'm not exactly sure about the thumbnail but I think its only depends on the size of the photo.

    I would suggest if your going to put on alot of photos use a website like photobucket.
  4. SusanJoM

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    Quote:Nix on photobucket, but I guess I can live with pictures becoming obsolete...


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