upper beak gone, will it grow back?


13 Years
May 29, 2007
Rochester, WI
I had a weasel or mink that got into the run and of course then into the coop, took out 4 of my girls and one of them took a beating and is missing the upper beak, I tried to take pic's but they turned out bad, will try again and post, just wondering if she's suffering and will it grow back? it's been almost 2 weeks and she seems to be fine but can't tell if she's able to eat??


Cracked Egghead
12 Years
Mar 31, 2008
Lebanon, TN
If it's been 2 weeks, she can eat.

Thanks to an aggressive parakeet, I have a few button quails missing either their top or bottom beaks. They do fine.

I also have a roo that somehow lost most of his upper beak during the winter. He's in an isolation cage, so I have no idea how he lost it. He never lost the ability to eat, and it has slowly grown back over the last couple of months.

If you have any doubts about her ability to eat, then make sure she has soft food available to her. Otherwise, just give her time!

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