Upper Respiratory Disease In My Month Old Chick!!!

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    Jan 11, 2012
    My chick has finaly got all her feathers except on her head and she has started to act VERY strange! I got very worried about her because she is my first chick I have ever hatched before and she is very special to me.... So we told our local veteranarian what Prim has been doing, which is, falling over constanly, can't keep her balance, poop is yellow liquid, stands up ALL the time even when sleeping, does'nt walk anywhere to eat or ANYTHING! He told us it is an upper respiratory disease that can be caused by stress from other animals and can be deadly to a young chick like Prim, and he gave us a liquid antibiotic to try to cure it (although the vet thinks she'll die.)Medicationt has been given to her for 2 days now and she eats and drinks occasionaly but only if it is right underneath her where she does not have to walk anywhere to get to it... I just hatched 5 new chicks today and yesterday, so I removed Prim from her tub in my room and put her in a big shoe box with food water and pine shavings in it and cleaned out her tub and put NEW pine shavings in it and put the new chicks in there.... Prim is'nt very far from the chicks at ALL, in fact, she is right beside them..she cant see them because they are in that big plastic tub and she is in a shoebox on the floor of my bedroom, but like I said, they arent very far away from one another, should they be? That is my question, should the new chicks be in a seperate room away from Prim? I'm asking that becauase I dont know if it is contagious to the other chicks? Is it contagious to the other chicks? Oh and a word of advice would be nice to with what to do about Prim :) , I've never had a sick chicken before and I have no idea what I should be doing to help Prim get better, other than giving her her antibiotics as directed from the vet, seeing that she eats and drinks and watching her closley, is there something more that I can do for her?

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