Upper respiratory fungal infection! Oxine and egg safety?

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    Jul 14, 2015
    Several weeks ago our Buff Orpington, Stella, went through about a week or so of occasional sneezing. I kept an eye on her, and she eventually recovered, Last week, I noticed that our Golden-Laced Wyandotte, Lynda Carter, was sneezing, and figured she would also get over it. Well... yesterday, I heard a chicken in my yard crowing. My birds have all been doing a fine job of making eggs for us, so I thought there must be a stray roo around somewhere but I couldn't find him. Lo and behold, the crowing was coming from Lynda Carter... At first, I was thinking she was just being weird or something, but then I realized that she wasn't really crowing so much as sneezing while stretching her neck forward for some reason, and there was a clear wheezing sound when she inhaled after each "crow". I figured she was just having a harder time with the cold than Stella had and decided to keep an eye on her... Today, she was under the azalea bush, wheezing more regularly, the crowing coming out more like a gasp, and she didn't run when we approached her to give her a closer examination; so I decided it was time to find a vet... stat! After a few calls we found one, and rushed her out to their office. Turned out, she had a chunk of yeast/fungal overgrowth blocking her trachea; the vet brought it in to show us after she removed it, and said she was surprised our girl had been able to breathe at all, but she should be okay now that the blockage has been removed. However, there is fungus somewhere so this might recur, either with the same bird or one of our other ones. This got me thinking back to the sneezing, and thinking these things might be related, which in turn got me looking for more information, which led me to a few articles about something called Oxine AH. We will be getting some -- living in FL where the heat and humidity make mold and fungus a constant, it's probably a good idea anyway -- and I have read all about how to use it for air and surface application, and as a water additive, so I don't need help with that; but I have not seen an answer to this:

    Do you have to toss eggs from birds that are exposed to (unactivated) Oxine AH? Or are the eggs still safe to eat?
    Anybody here ever used Oxine and have an answer on that?

    Thanks in advance!!
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