UPS Rant, It makes me feel terrible!!!*UPDATE*

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    Feb 8, 2009
    So on the deliv. conform. it clearly says that they deliv. it to the wrong CITY, how does that happen?!?! AND they are still calling me a liar!!! [​IMG] RUDE, RUDE, RUDERecently UPS was to bring a package to my house for an influencer program on another website, well they didn't, they claim they did, but the package was never delivered. The kicker? The day they claim it was, there was more than one of us home and there was never a knock from UPS at our door, nor was there a package. [​IMG]

    So I do what any normal person does and contact the company because this isn't the first time this has happened with UPS. The last time it was a Laptop from Dell that "supposedly" was delivered but much like the previous package never was... It literally disappeared!

    So when does the consumer get a say? Why is it that because the company is a large company they get to make a liar of us?

    I'm an honest person, and it really irks me that UPS gets to to make a liar out of me when in all reality it's their employee(s). Why aren't there any stops put in place to prevent this? It's so frustrating and makes me feel like less of a person...

    I'm really dissapointed because I was excited to be part of the program and now not only is UPS calling me a liar but I'm concerend the company will no longer have me participate in other influencer programs b/c they fear another situation like this will happen. Thanks a lot UPS. [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Recently I bought a canner on eBay and the seller shipped it via FedEx. I was tracking it online and knew it was due to be delivered one day. Around 4pm as I was going out the backdoor, I saw a FedEx truck zip past my front window. "Ah, its here, I thought". I collected the eggs, went inside, and through the house to open the front door - nothing on my porch! I went all the way outside and saw the FedEx guy carrying a box up to my next door neighbor's porch. Thinking it an odd coincidence we would both be getting a delivery the same day, I called out to him and asked if he was sure that was the right address. He checked his clipboard - "yep". Then I looked at my neighbor's porch and sitting in its original box was a canner. So I told the FedEx guy I thought there was a mistake and that was meant for me. He went back up to the boxes and checked and sure enough my address was on the packages. I guess whoever logged it into the system got one digit wrong on the address which made it go to my neighbor instead of me but since my address was on the packages, he retrieved them and delivered to my porch instead. The thing is, my neighbor is a deadbeat who probably would have never told me about the mistake, so I would have been out the money and the canner and FedEx would have had it logged that they had delivered to the correct address at yada yada date and time. I don't know how you go about finding out what address UPS delivered to in your case but my guess would be something like this happened. (Many years ago UPS tried to deliver a package to my neighbor and finding them not home, delivered instead to the vehicle parked in "their" driveway, which had been left unlocked. The problem is, the guy mistook the neighbor's driveway for ours and you can imagine my astonishment to go out to my truck the following morning and find a big box of electronics in the front seat!)
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    Jul 15, 2010
    Quote:Big companies are killing people every day. Sad, but true...
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    same thing happened to me except they resolved it that day. I was getting my comptuer returned from hp... (thats another rant) and they delivered it to somewhere I have no idea where. The even signed it and let it go. I called and that night I found the package in front of our store in a bag. I'm glad I got it back. Even though I dont' have that computer anymore because it died almost as soon as I got it out of the box lol. I do remember that the person that sends it is the person that has to file a complaint with the company due to they are the one that paid for the label. But I was able to complain and they got it resolved. I even got a call just a few days ago (a month later) to make sure that I did get the box. as a follow up.

    Wish you luck!
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    My brother was waiting on a box that never came an when he checked online it said delivered. He called one of there numbers an told them what happened an the person on the phone said he would call the driver... Two hours later we walked out of the house an the box had made it on to the steps well after dark. Someone had drawn a map on the box.
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    Apr 14, 2010
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    I ordered a hard drive for a job that I was working on and had it shipped via FedEx. It was due in on Friday and since I was off on Friday I made it a point to be home and pay attention for the FedEx truck. Late in the day I checked the status to find that a delivery attempt had been made and that no one was at home. I drove over to the FedEx facility, went to the counter, and asked for my package. The lady wouldn't even look it up for me because I didn't have the paperwork that was left on the door. She eventually did look it up based on the address on my drivers license. Once I had it in hand I asked to speak to the terminal manager and she asked why. Although I should have said because of her snotty attitude I said because I had to come here to get my package. The terminal manager Rocky was very accommodating and understanding. I'll give him kudos but not the counter lady.
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    Feb 8, 2009
    Quote:I contacted the people who shipped the package and I haven't heard back. It was $150 gift card that was sent to me to shop for my baby son and report back what I thought about the store, I'm so incredibly dissapointed [​IMG] It couldn't have been too big and it was sent overnight so I am just baffled at how it went missing.
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    We got a package yesterday on our porch from UPS... We're xx42 and it was going to xx22. Just left there, right below our house numbers. Husband had to walk it to where it belonged, but someone else might have not.
  10. hollymh

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    Feb 8, 2009
    Quote:I'm glad your hubby did the right thing, a lot of people wouldn't and I'm sure that accounts for MANY missing packages. My package was "delivered" to my house on March 11th, so where ever it is, it is loooooonnng gone. It's been well over two weeks. I have been sitting and waiting and waiting just to be told it was already here. Yeah, right... [​IMG]
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