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Aug 18, 2009
Who else here keeps their chickens in an urban area? What breeds do you have? What kind of set up do you have? I am just curious as how many of us urban chicken farmers are out there
Middle of Phoenix, check out my page.

I have:

12 mutts (4 leghorns, 4 EEs, 4 leghorn/Bhrama mix?)
1 BO
2 Sizzles
1 EE
6 Cuckoo Marans

They are all still chicks, so there will be some reduction once the crowing starts in earnest.
I am.
I have four mutts. They free range in the backyard. One went missing the first evening I had them FR'ing so I went and asked the neighbours if they had seen a chicken around and they thought I was yanking their chain
(turns out it was roosting under the deck and safe n sound)
Its not very common practice around my area but its growing
Madison, WI lets you keep 3 chickens in your yard anywhere in the city. Check out Mad City Chickens:)
I'm illegal in downtown Philadelphia. I can see city hall from my house, and the liberty bell is about a 10 minute walk.

I have the 12 pullets listed below, and 3 new chicks, a splash and a black Marans, and blue barred Olive Egger.

I have a large yard for the city, and they "range" all day. So far so good. Still waiting on some eggs!
We do in St. Louis. At the moment we have 15 chickens.

We have 2 BO

1 Austrolorp

1 BR

6 EE

3 mixed breeds.

1 Dominique

I Buff Brahma

We let them free range in our backyard for now. I plan to build a run within the next year or so. I'm getting tired of the chicken poo everywhere. We have a good sized lot...so i'm thinking about fencing off part of the backyard for the chickens.

Here is a pic of the coop. I still haven't finished.
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I am urban, I have 14 chickens (5 EEs--laying-- 9 BRs--not laying yet) --which are in the converted garage now because the neighbors are tenting next to their coop
-- that live in a little tykes play house and have the whole fenced-in yard as a run.
I get between 3-8 eggs a day, the only problems that I have had with predators was when my neighbor what on vacation and left 6 outdoor cats which started eating my 10 week old chicks

I am legal but the city gov. does not like it at all!

ETA: Suburban Chick Farmer 09; Nice coop!!
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