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    Yay! So like 15 years ago, the feed mill right smack in the middle of the city just about, used to carry chicken feeds. Then they stopped, and it was so inconvenient, it was a contributing factor to getting out of the birds when I was a teenager.

    But they carry it again! They just started recently, I stopped in to look at the early plant selection since they're also a nursery. They also carry the dogs food for $5 less!

    No more driving 40 minutes to Tractor Supply! One stop shopping for critter food, no more secondary trips for dog food. All thanks to the trend of backyard chickens being on the rise.

    The only bad thing... pine shavings were $8.99 instead of $4.99. But, it's 2 1/2 miles away, saving $10 per bag of dog food, however much in gas, and layer pellets same price. AND I get to support small local business over a big chain. Cool.
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    That's really great!
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    How convenient! And I agree about helping to support a local business. [​IMG]

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