Urban coops for Pacific Northwesterners

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    Jul 23, 2008
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    I got 3 chickens last June while I still lived in Seattle (Ballard, right downtown) and had so much fun with them that I somehow convinced my city-loving boyfriend to move out here to Whidbey with me.

    Now that I have all this room and a big coop full of hens, I want to share the good stuff and get more city folks addicted to chickens too! Sooo...I've just begun production on those super-cool, handy-dandy Catawba Converticoops, designed by the brilliant (and very kind) David Bissette. For each one I sell, I will paypal him $20, as he suggested on his website.

    Go check out his site for all the details about the design and coop specs.

    The price for the completed coop (with the modification of 1/2 in hardware cloth instead of the garden fencing show on the site) is $500, or $600 delivered if you live within 30 miles of me here on lovely Whidbey Island.

    You can also go see my craigslist posting under farm and garden, title "A new home for your city hens".

    Thanks all!

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