Urban Residents save $$ by having chickens....u think

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    BYC'ers already know this [​IMG]

    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- Some Albuquerque residents are turning to chickens to help save money on food.

    K.T. Labadie said the fowl help her around the house. "It can help dig up the soil and weeds in your yard," said Labadie.

    She said chickens are inexpensive to buy, "You can get a baby chick for about $2 or $3; the same as a dozen eggs."
    Hens are no longer just found on the farm. Labadie said, "You're starting to see people keeping chickens in the Nob Hill area, Northeast Heights, even on the West Side."

    It does cost money to feed and raise the birds, but the savings vary from person to person. For some, it's about more than money.

    "Chickens are pretty entertainig, sometimes they're really funny," said Labadie.

    Labadie started an organization to promote and share ideas on raising chickens. It offers advice on everything from laws to egg recipes. There is a link to the organization's Web site in the As Seen on 7 section.

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    I read this too! I was hoping the article was going to mention byc but didn't, at least people are being opened up to the idea of raising Chickens and their benefits! [​IMG]
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  4. that's great! the more pro-chicken articles the better!!
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    Yay for pro-chicken articles [​IMG]

    But to be honest, I don't know about money saving....it would take a LOT of eggs to equal the money I've put into the coop, run, shavings, food, grit, DE, ACV, feeders, waterers, etc, etc... But that's OK...I love my chickies and I'm glad I have them. Maybe after many years of getting eggs, and maybe selling a few, I could re-coop my money. And of course, the quality of the eggs is unmatched in the grocery store. And the quality of entertainment is unmatched anywhere [​IMG] I've spent money on many other things without this kind of return, so I wouldn't trade them for the world!
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    Nice to know that people in my area are getting chickens! [​IMG]

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