urgen 1st broody bantam hatched what next?


12 Years
Jun 9, 2007
ok so my broody seabright has been sitting and finally today hatched 5 peeps so far, she has them in a corner in the coop,with a not so great nest of straw and shavings. should i quarntine her and the peeps in a large box w/ some food and water, and a heat lamp?? not too sure what to do as this is our first hatch. i kinda can't wait too see what they turn out like as i have 2 roos 1 silky and 1 cochin. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks jim
I wouldn't worry about separating them unless the babies are getting picked on by the other chickens. At least she laid i the coop. My seabright laid under the coop in a cinder block. I had to crawl under there and put her in the coop.
I would leave her in there unless she is too small to protect her peeps. My broody bantam is also the only bantam hen in the flock, so she must be separated to keep her babies safe. If you've got a flock of birds about the same size and none appear too agressive, I'd keep them in there so she can keep her place in the pecking order and the babies can find thiers sooner.
thanks for the replys. she is seperate from the other hens where her nest is because shes small enough to squeeze past the divider in the coop that seperates the storage area from their living area. she holds her own in the pecking order and usually is a bit of a bully towards the bigger hens. once all the eggs are hatched out i think i'm going to move her to a big box or an extra dogloo that we have for the barn cats that never seem to use it. i have already put out a small waterer and tomorrow we will be getting some chick feed.

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