Urgent Advice Needed** Sick Female Chinese ?? Laying Issues??

Jul 12, 2011
Gloucestershire UK
morning all, this morning mildred goose seems a bit off. she is walking but rather slowly a bit wobberly when standing still, she seems weak very easy to pick up. checked her all over no signs of any problems at all. breathing is fine. no interest in food or water.
my geese are housed at night so no predators attack injuries possible. her mate seems fine.

i have owned this goose for 6 months, she has never laid eggs here, but apparantly did for previous owner. do they go a bit off colour before laying? i really dont know!! cant feel an egg stuck, but she climbed into the chicen house and had her head in the nesting box, never seen her do that before.

i have given her a nest today but she was not interested in it.

any help would be so grateful for. i can and will find a vet if necessary but dont want to rush her in if it could be a normal process.

UPDATE - she is still with us, she has been started on antibiotics. in a very sad state now. unable or un-willing to stand. i have put her to bed, george spends his time pacing up and down outside or snuggled into her. passed some liquids but no solids since this morning. she did manage to lift her head and flap her wings a bit, this afternoon so perhaps there is still a bit of hope.

can no-one else ad anything to help, i would be so grateful.
Just wanted to say that when my ducks are acting a little off I give them apple cider vinegar, the organic kind. It really does help them. I have great success using it for my water fowl, chickens, and house birds. Also, is she getting any calcium? I feed it to my ducks and chickens, and they eat it as needed.
She could be eggbound that happens when a bird tries to lay an egg and it gets stuck before coming out you need to get a warm tub of water that covers her egg pouch and a little higher and make her stay in it for a while 20-30 min and the egg should come out if not try and take her a vet asap cause if not taken care of she could die:(
Actually, A Goose Will Get A Lung Infection Very Easily In This Cold Moisture Weather,i Have Had Geese For Years Had It Happen Twice As You Describe...what I Did Was I Brought Them Into My House In A Box With Only Here Head Sticking Out Over The Rim And The Rest Of Her Body Wrapped In Warm Towels. One Made It Thru...i Made Her Eat With A Mash I Made With Her Food An Water ...best Wishes Geese Are Pain When Sick..
I wish I had a solution for you. Maybe you should call a vet. What about the vet online from the homepage of BYC? I don't know if it costs anything but I've see it on the top left of the screen/page. Maybe some Poly-Vi-Sol baby vitamins would help. I use it for my chickens and it works great when they are off like that. My geese have been fine. I would like to find out how you solve your gooses problem. I hope she gets better soon.
morning all.

thanks so much for all the suggestions, really nice of you take the time to reply.

yesterday was awful, thought we would lose her for sure. she was laid out very flat unable to even keep wings tucked up, head flat and stretched out. it was dreadful. i just kept her warm and comfortable. syringing small amounts of water. last night at 11pm ish i went out to do the last check of the night. and she tried to have my finger as i was giving water - progress!!! and i much more powerful flap of the wings, ......and standing for short times.

this morning further progress, she is up and walking, drinking all by herself. one unusual poo. but still no other symptoms to go by, no sign of any egg making its way out.

she is still weak, but looking so much better today.

i did manage to speak to a vet, was lucky enough to speak the the very kind vet who cares for the local wetland trust birds - cant get better than that! he was the one who suggested getting the baytril from my local vet.

i hope she continues to get well. i wonder if it was somethng she ate. its been so very mild here, no big frosts to kill off the autumn moulds?? who knows.
I am so glad to hear she is doing better. I pray today, and everyday after is good news.

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