Urgent advice on splayed legs...pic added


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Oct 4, 2010
Ive taken the plasters off my chicks legs today after 7 days. Should I re-add them or do you think she (i think its a she) will be ok. Ive never done this before and really dont know what to do for the best with them.

That's tough - after 7 days they should be OK, yours is standing, I see, so maybe a day or two to adjust on paper towels will help? then, if it can't stand, I wsould do the leg tying again. Your chick actually looks really good!!!
She can stand and walkz? If so, I would - If her legs just go out from under her all the time, then i would bandage her up again, but yours looks like she is just trying to walk. Definitely leave her on paper towels instead of shavings
I have taken your advice and the shavings are gone. I also took off the plasters on her toes and they look great. They were totally crossed over.

She isnt falling over but she looks unsteady. She is attepting steps I will keep my eye on her today. thanks jerseygirl1

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