URGENT Ameraucana Rooster in Southern NJ

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    Nov 2, 2015
    his name is Daisy "Jack" Pancake

    He is a very handsome boy, nicely shaped pea comb and feathers. he is thorough in his duties (see the hen behind, he only has two, clearly not enough hens). he is also very brave and protective of his girls (and the new babies that aren't even his!), so if you have a large free ranging flock he could be just the right rooster for you.

    he will attack people if he feels they are too close to his flock. with a little hug therapy (catch him and carry him around for a little while, keel in hand, not upside down) he is less aggressive toward me, but is getting much worse toward my husband. with only two hens and only 3 acres for them to range there is simply no room for a rooster of his... enthusiasm. i can try to get better pictures, but any time i get close enough for my phone to take a picture he starts bowing and posturing.

    he MUST go before the 4th of July. if he does not get a new home then he must unfortunately get the chop. I am willing to travel up to an hour or two to meet up if it means he gets a good home instead of the smoker.

    Thank you for considering!

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