Urgent!! Baby chick all by itself


Mar 22, 2018
We have a five day old chick that is now the only chick. It never stops peeping, it won’t eat or drink and sounds like it’s crying. We have a very broody silkie and 9 chicks hatching tomorrow. For now what do I do? Will it hurt the other chicks that hatch? Will the silkie adopt the chick? Please help!
if its not eating or drinking because of it being alone than i say take the risk of putting the hatchlings in with her. chances are she will be fine but she could also be sick. did the other ones die from illness ??
No, my little brother’s chicken was killed by a raccoon and he has been begging for another and we finally found one that looked exactly like his did. We could only get one and only today. So we got the chick but it is by herself and she only stops peeping when my brother is holding her. We put a mirror and stuffed animal in the brooder but she only sits and peeps.
Ok, so the first chick hatched and dried fast so it is with the week old chick. The little one wants to always sit under the big chick. The big chick Griffin does not mind and is taking care of the little chick. So all is good now.

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