URGENT - Help - chicken's leg won't work/panting


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Jul 29, 2009
Southern Cali
Went to close them up and found her unable to get up. Legs splayed out behind her. She is panting. Unable to stand and if you squeeze her drumsticks, she does not try to pull away. Wings and head moving fine, but leg muscles won't move, but you can feel them twitch.

Silver laced Wyandotte, about 1 year old.
She is most likely very stressed. Do you have a crate or something where you can bring her inside. I would try and get her comfortable and call your vet in the morning.
Good morning fellow chicken peeps!

-- so last night, I brought her inside and fed her yogurt and water. Today she seems fine...

Not sure what to do, if anything... ???
Is she walking around? I would keep her in 1 more day just to make sure. Because you want to make sure she is getting food and water and not getting picked on by other chickens.

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