Urgent help needed!!!! Toe is peeling off

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  1. One of my chickens toe is hanging by a small piece of skin onto her foot. It all started when I saw there was a piece of string wrapped round it's toe. It was getting tighter and tighter and the toe was swelling. We took her to the vet and they took the string out and put some disinfectant on and put something on it to make the toe get smaller. Then recently it is getting grey and then today it was hanging on. Should I take it to the vet? Should I isolate her? What should I do if it fall off?

    Can I have lots of opinions
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    I would just let it fall off or clip it off. I have a few chickens around here with missing toes or missing feet in general and they get along just fine. One of my roosters is missing all the toes on one foot due to frostbite before I had gotten him and he gets along great.
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    I've had this happen with a duck. I would put her in a crate and let the toe fall off, it's going to happen and it may bleed a little, if it does, you don't want it getting infected. So I would just watch her and keep her toe clean. One of my ducks has an atrophied foot and one day as I was bringing her outside, one toe just fell off and scared me half to death and it did bleed a little but it's completely fine now.
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    I had a roo that lost a toe, I just put bluekote on it till it healed up he did fine
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