Urgent Help! Pasty butt Day old Chick not 100% happy this morning, was ‘pulsing’? and has hard vent?


Dec 3, 2020
Hello, I’m worried I may have a day old chick with pasty butt. From reading about it I imagined that if I looked at a pasty butt it’d be encrusted with poo that had dried over it blocking it but my day old chicks butt just feels maybe like it’s impacted? Like maybe it’s dried but just inside the hole? It’s not messy or anything. She was ‘pulsing’ her whole body first hung this morning which was what made me watch her more closely, it seems like she was constipated and trying to do a poo.
What can I do? I have no cotton buds/Q tips in the house but I could wipe it with warm water and cotton wool. Is there a chance I could push the hard bit back in further?! 🥺 please please help me!
If the poo is dried and covering the vent, cotton swab and water will be fine. It may take awhile to soften up and come off, that stuff is hard to get off. Keep at it.
Thank you! Should it be obvious which is the vent and which is the bellybutton? I don’t want to try to rub on her bellybutton scab by accident :(
Be careful when taking the poo off chicks skin is very delicate it can be easily damaged so do it quickly but carefully.
Arghhhh ok I think what I was seeing was the bellybutton... I looked much nearer the tail and vent was there and perfectly clean 😆 I think the weird pulsing when my chick came out of brooder this morning was her BALANCING- she came out with a slightly inward foot (which is improving every hour). I was just panicking she was trying to do a poo!
This chick rearing is going to finish me off I swear 🤪
Thank you for your swift reply, I appreciate it xx
Yay! I used to use a cotton balls and put them in warm water and kinda set them on their little pasty butt. If it was serious I'd also use a micro fiber towel that's used on newborn babies and then dry them with my sisters Dyson hair dryer.

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