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    Hi all, I'm really helping that some of you seasoned chicken keepers can help me. Since my chickens have begun to moult they seem to have all turned into cannibals. I originally thought that one of the 10 chickens I have was being picked on by the others as I had to remove her the other day as she had nearly no tail feathers and a large bleeding sore patch my her bum. But having treated her and quarantined her for a day, i re-introduced her today and watched. It seems that it's a combination of factors. They seem to be pecking each other and themselves. The one hen that I quarantined, her injuries seem to be self inflicted????? Is this normal???

    I have been to the farm store and they sold me some 'stop peck' and antiseptic gloop. Strangely it's red, it's supposed to be repulsive to them but watching them now and it doesn't seem to stop them. They peck all over, the neck and tail/bum area mainly.

    Is it normal behavior for them to peck each other and themselves? I have 10 Sussex/Rhodie crosses. They are nearly 1 year old are fed on 16 % pellets and scraps from the house, with a daily helping of scratch. Egg laying is slightly off but not dramatically.

    Please help, I'm really worried. Thanks in anticipation.....[​IMG]
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    I think you should give them more protein. They could especially use it while they are molting. Get some higher protein feed at least 19% (I use Purina flock raiser), maybe give them some scrambled eggs, or feed mixed with buttermilk.

    Are they too crowded? Sometimes that will cause picking, especially as it gets colder and they spend more time indoors.

    Meanwhile, you can't leave anyone in there if they are bleeding. Separate out anyone with injuries. I spray injuries with a product called Blu-Kote. It has saved more than one life here. You might want to wear gloves (it is deep purple).

    Lastly, if it won't stop, you may want to try pinless peepers. I don't like to use them, but I have one hen that would pull out everyone's feathers if she didn't wear them. http://www.eggcartons.com/Poultry-Care/Pinless-Peepers
    They are easier to put on with 2 people and needle nose pliers.

    Good luck!
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    Chickens are cannaballistic creatures. Overcrowding, boredom, bright lights, are just a few things that can bring it on. Sounds like they have found a taste for those new blood filled quills. You need to separate anyone who has bloody wounds. Switch to red lights, sprinkle high quality cat food on the ground for extra salt and protein. Slather the emerging feathers with diaper rash cream like Destin, or Blue Kote until the feathers grow in.
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    Ranch-a-way makes a 20% layer pellet that I have been feeding mine to get them to stop picking on each other. It worked well here.
    I also feed yogurt mixed in cooked oatmeal once a week. They rather look forward to Sunday.
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    Blue kote works pretty good for me when they start picking. If its a protein issue you can just give them something higher in protein for a while. I sometimes even give them cat food. It is @ 40% protein depending on what kind you get. I wouldn't give them it for a main dinner, they need their feed but just for an occasional treat while they are molting. They also like black oil sunflower seeds.

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