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  1. CassieT

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    Aug 21, 2013
    Hi all :)
    I am new here and sorry to be so blunt with my first thread but I really need your help!
    I have a SLW who I brought just over a week ago (nearly 2 weeks) with another pullet of the same age (Point Of Lay).
    One of them became really pale in the face a few days ago. She is quite lethargic and not really wanting to do too much.
    She isn't eating a lot either...I have been force feeding her a little bit to help got some nutrition into her as she has also lost a bit of weight.
    She had bright green poo yesterday and the day before as well but today it is still watery but is brown.
    She is inside to keep her warm as it has been rather cold (not sure where this forum is based but I am in Australia).
    She is still very pale in the face today.
    Please if you have any advice as to what could be wrong with her or how I can help her I would be so grateful!
    Thanks guys!!!

    Should add that I did dust them for lice and mites when they first arrived but haven't wormed yet.
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  2. ten chicks

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    May 9, 2013
    Green poop usually indicates not eating enough(other than eating grass clippings,etc)i would consider worming her. Worms can cause weight loss,lethargic behavior and anemia.

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