Urgent! Hen walking around very slowly and quietly after laying her third egg.

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by MaiSmith, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. MaiSmith

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    Jan 9, 2017
    Please advice! Our cream legbar hen has gone very quiet and is slowly walking around the garden acting mysterious. We only have two hens, her and her sister. Her sister is walking around with her accompanying her, but she is okay and hasn't started laying yet. I am very concerned because she is normally a very hyper and dominant chicken. She became quiet and weird immediately after laying her third egg. I don't think she is egg bound because she just became this way suddenly after she popped an egg. I don't think she has any illnesses either, her comb is bright red and tall and healthy, she just switched and wasn't like it before. A few weeks ago she ate a hair tie, could that be it? She is eating, drinking and foraging as normal, but normally she comes running up to us when we go to their area. When we called them over, she would normally run really fast and flap around, but now she comes very carefully and slowly after her sister. Please advise me as to what to do as we are not experts on chickens and are very concerned for her. Thank you very much. :-(


    She is acting very odd. Today we came to her coop and she had laid an egg in the nest box but she just left it and sat in a dark corner of the coop. She isn't eating and doesn't even react when you touch her. Please help, we are very concerned.

    Nothing on any other forums.
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  2. MaiSmith

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    Jan 9, 2017
    Another thing I forgot to add, when she make her trumpet chicken sounds, it comes out as a high pitched whistle, like something stuck, has this got anything to do with it? Thank you.
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    Dec 12, 2013
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    Greetings, MaiSmith, and :welcome! Pleased you joined our community! Hope your chicken turns it around and starts to feeling better! Best wishes! :)
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    Hello and welcome to BYC - I echo the sentiments and best wishes above

    Good luck
  6. drumstick diva

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    Hope she will be okay, chickens seem to swallow all sorts of things they shouldn't.
  7. Teila

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    G’Day from down under MaiSmith [​IMG] Welcome!

    Tut, silly chicken! It does sound like the hair tie might be the culprit. I agree with the others that the Emergencies & Diseases Forum is your best starting point.

    I do hope that you are able to get her back to her usual plucky self.

    I also hope you enjoy being a BYC member. There are lots of friendly and very helpful folks here so not only is it overflowing with useful information it is also a great place to make friends and have some fun. Unlike non chicken loving friends, family and colleagues, BYC’ers never tire of stories or pictures that feature our feathered and non feathered friends [​IMG]
  8. MaiSmith

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    Jan 9, 2017
    Thank you for taking the time to reply, I will follow your advice!
  9. MaiSmith

    MaiSmith Just Hatched

    Jan 9, 2017
    Thank you very much! She has been trying to lay an egg all morning with no success, but she is acting normal now so I'm not quite sure what is going on, thank you again :)
  10. MaiSmith

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    Jan 9, 2017
    Hi, just a little update:

    After a couple of days the nights started to get freezing, so we brought them inside in a cardboard box for a week or until it got a bit warmer.

    She immediately started to get better after this (because she had been laying eggs without shells which was worrying) and started to lay normally.

    We have been getting normal and healthy eggs every day from her, which is surprising seeing how cold and dark and damp it is outside and how young she is.

    Another thing to add, her sister just laid her first egg today and it was normal/healthy just the same, and so is she.

    We now have 2 very happy, healthy, hens! :) xxx
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