Urgent! I'm looking for a home for some very special green fire farms stock Swedish Flowering Chicke

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  1. chickenladyOR

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    Jan 28, 2015
    Hi there,

    I have an icky situation that I'm hoping to turn into a positive one. After three years of owning chickens (roosters included) my landlord has decided I'm not able to have roosters anymore. I'm feeling really hurt and broken by it ultimately because my two roosters are super amazing and I would really like to keep their particular bloodlines going. I feel a lot of responsibility to find them a home where that can happen. I have until the 5th of February. I'm willing to give either or both roosters along with one or two hens of their breed for free. I live in Portland OR and can travel to a nearby area (within several hours) and deliver them myself, anything to make it easy for anyone who might be interested in housing them. Both roosters have grown up with other roosters are aren't fighters.
    There are two breeds- French Marans and Swedish Flowering Chickens. Both are pure greenfire farms breeding stock.

    The French Maran rooster is pretty much the love of my life- his name is Serge Gainsburg. He is a big guy, but docile, definitely not the dominate one but also totally not stressed about it. He cuddles when you hold him and he takes great care of the ladies in terms of protecting them against predators (especially birds of prey) and also guarding them when they are dying (I had some old hens). He is pretty quiet, and goes to bed way too early. His wonderful personality aside, he is also strikingly beautiful, and about a year and a half or maybe 2 years old (the hens are a little younger). The hens are fat and lumbery, your typical layer kinda ladies. They lay massive gorgeous chocolate spotted eggs pretty consistently.

    The Swedish Flowering rooster is an awesome very independent guy- his name is Ace of Base. He is blonde and gorgeous and he knows it. He's the dominant one in the flock but he doesn't fight, he chases the other rooster at the most. He is the first out of the coop in the morning and the last to bed. He announces food to the flock and generally stands watch for threats to the hens most of the day. Definitely a leader. He is also about one and a half or two years old, his hens are too. The hens are gorgeous and their colors vary greatly, a really fun group of ladies. They are a little smaller and leaner than a typical layer but they still produce large beige eggs really consistently. They are great foragers and they are very curious and active. They are fast and hard to catch but they are also really friendly gals who love to spend the day bug hunting.

    I'd really appreciate some help spreading the word about these wonderful guys and gals. Thanks so much.

    This is Ace of Base, the Swedish Flowering Rooster:

    This is Serge Gainsburg, the French Moran

    Serge and one of his ladies, she is the black and white hen in the foreground

    Swedish Flowering Hen in the foreground


    Another gorgeous swedish flowering lady:


    The middle juvenile is recent rooster hatched from the swedish flowering hens, sorry about the picture quality. To be clear he is not part of this deal, just wanted to give a little more info about what the potential for the line is like. (He is a hilarious mohawk in this one, usually his feathers lay down)

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    Jan 26, 2015
    Greenville, MI
    Sorry to hear you are in a bind. I wish I could help out, but I am in Michigan. I'm sure you'll find a wonderful new home for your roosters here on BYC! Best of luck!
  3. chickenladyOR

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    Jan 28, 2015
    And they have a new home! So grateful for kind people.
  4. Timily Farms

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    Apr 22, 2014
    Grants pass, Oregon
    Do you still have any of the hens because I would be interested in the Swedish flower hens
  5. chocol8bikini

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    Oct 8, 2014
    Do you have an hens left available? I would definately be interested. I already have 2 roos, and they wouldn't tollerate more.

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