URGENT Inflamed/enlarged vent (gross)

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    Hi, my 2 year old silver laced Wyandotte has a nasty looking vent. I just noticed it tonight, it's red and super painful looking. All her backend feathers were poopy and gross so I cut them back. I just don't know what to do about her vent? Any suggestions appreciated thank you! [​IMG]
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    There is a post on this called ..Bloody Vent...Four Days Later...What Else Can I do? - Page 2 lots of good tips there
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    Hi [​IMG]Welcome to BYC

    It looks like she has a prolapsed vent.

    Try soaking her in warm tub of water with epsom salts added to the water. Try to clean her off the best you can. Apply some hemmorioid cream or honey to the exposed tissue to help reduce swelling and gently push the tissue to see if it will go back in. Sometimes it will come back out because of swelling, etc., so you may need to repeat the steps.

    If your hen is exhausted, let her rest in between attempts to get the prolapse to go back in. Keep the tissue moist with cream or honey. Make sure to keep her hydrated. Offer her some extra calcium like TUMS, liquid calcium or some yogurt and if you have them, some poultry vitamins too.

    Keep us posted.

    Here's more specific details:

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