Urgent is this a Roo please


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Sorry to re-post but really need to know on this one. Everyone is convinced its a roo but me! Could be why Rocky hates her. Was told bluebell hen about 20 weeks old, not yet laying. Hope you can help, many thanks.




I had one rooster that started crowing at 8 weeks. Two of his hatch mates hadn't crowed at 26 weeks, but it turned out the dominate roo was not letting them crow. If you don't have another roo, and that one is not crowing, it is a really good sign you have a girl.
Thanks Delmar, I do have another Roo, Rocky, which is about a year and a half old and if I remember right he started crowing about 17 weeks. Rocky actually hates this new 'pullet' which is why I am questioning its gender and everyone is so convinced its a Roo! When I say hate I mean full on attacks it at every given chance, I was going to try and re-home the poor little thing, even more so if it is a Roo, as it doesnt stand a chance and is absolutely terrified. I will give her another week as it is so sad to watch that she is outcast and not allowed to act and do what normal hens do:(
Sounds to me like Rocky thinks he is a roo. Can you put this bird in a cage where Rocky can't get to him, or even see him. Better yet, can you separate Rocky from the group for a few days? If he is a roo he will start crowing in a day or two if Rocky is not around.
Pullet. I'd rehome the rooster picking on her as he may decide to pick on another once you get rid of this pullet. Roosters can be weird that way.

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