Urgent must go Dominiques in NE Ohio


11 Years
Jun 1, 2008
Ohio near Coshocton
These little guys have to go to a new home yesterday. They were hatched in August. They are beautiful birds. FREE!!!!!! Coshocton Ohio. Raise them and sell them early next year! If I room I would.
Somebody please go pick up these chicks?! I was trying to go pick them up yesterday and things didn't work out on my end.

Please! They need a new home TODAY and I am not able to go get them.
How many, what sex?
I'm about an hour away. I could possibly pick up tonight.
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I think there is about 10 of them, from what she told me. They are about a month or so old, hatched sometime in August.
Thank you Qual Antwerp! I had to go do some dishes.

There are 7 roosters left - I'm saving them from my husband. They are beautifully marked. I live off CR 6 and TR 294. It's really easy to find. They were hatched in August so they still like a little warmth at night.
Not a problem. I feel so guilty about not being able to make it out there yesterday!!
Someone come and get them! I don't want to bury anymore little feathered corpses and they will be killed by hubby if they don't get a home ASAP. They deserve a home!

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