Urgent !!! My Showgirl has wry neck !!

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    My showgirl has wry neck. I have been partially following Alan Stanfords advice on this website http://dlhunicorn.conforums.com/ind...casestudiesemergencies&num=1160927052&start=0 but I was unable to find a veterinarian in my area that will see chickens so I can get a Legal RX for prednisone for her. And without seeing her they can't prescribe, even my own veterinarian that I just forked out over $400 for my dog's recent surgery !!!

    So, I am here to ask if anyone here knows what I can give her in place of Prednisone that will help with the brain swelling that silkes are prone to get.

    Please note: I am not asking for any controlled substance here. I am asking for advice as to what I can do to help my poor girl with this problem. She has made some improvement with the vitamin E, Selenium and Vitamin B Complex but I would like to find something that would work with the brain swelling or water on the brain that could be contributing to the wryneck or crookneck.

    There was another thread that someone stated you could give childrens ibuprofen but didn't give the amounts. Someone else replied stating you should never give them ibruprofen. I bought some but now am afraid to give it but without knowing the dosage I am for sure not going to risk it by guessing the dosage.

    Any advice would be helpful and appreciated. I got her this far and I'd like to see if I can bring her out of this.

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    Oh gosh I will send prayers [​IMG]

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