Urgent our 10 month old Rooster got attacked by our Dog

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    Jun 29, 2008
    Hes 10 months old.Hes our house rooster.He was running loose in the bedroom and we opened the door and accidentally our boston terrier got in there and attacked him..We cant see any marks on him.We looked at his throat and everything and we see nothing.There was about 10 drops of blood after the attack on the floor but now it has turned into just a couple drops of blood(2 small drops of blood).I examined his back and front and hes good.Hes up and crowing and ready to attack us.Hes eating.All we saw was sum blood on his feet...any ideas?we worried about him/
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    Feb 10, 2009
    I would say if he's doing all the things you mention, which are things a healthy roosters does do, then he should be just fine. Too bad your dog would do that. I know others have that problem and I am very lucky as my three German shepherds would never hurt any of our birds. Five of my young chickens escaped from their cage recently while I was at work, (I must have not latched the door completely in a hurry to get to work), and I found them roaming about my kitchen when I got home. The dogs led me to them as if to say: "Look at what these bad chicks have done, boy are they gonna get it!" I really appreciate such protective companion dogs.
    Good luck, but your rooster sounds fine - for now at least.

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