Urgent: please help . . . . . skunk killed broody BO :(


11 Years
Apr 8, 2008
My broody BO was sitting on eggs. I think she was on day 4 or 5. Last night we had a skunk get into the coop and ate all but 2 of our hens and most of the eggs. There are six eggs left and 2 scared S*%$less hens. One of the hens that is missing was my 3 year old son's broody BO:( Is there any chance that i can still incubate the eggs? Please advise.
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ya throw em in ur bator quick they should make it
Run and go grab an incubator!

I'd do it despite the risks just because this was your son's bird.

Good luck, and I'm so sorry!
I'd whip one together really quick if I were you. If you end up with chicks- at least you'd have the offspring of your son's hen. So sorry about your loss. We have racoons & coyotes- I swear I'm going to sit outside the coop one night with a shotgun...
Anyone know how long these eggs can go un-incubated? Is there anything that I can do untill I find one?


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