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13 Years
Dec 6, 2008
My nephew, John, works on nuclear power plants around the world. He completed a job in Chile about a week ago. He sent us text message (he lives in TN) that he had to leave Thursday night and go back to Chile. The job site is not far from the epicenter of the earthquake. My brother knows he arrived in Chile. He cannot reach him. My mother is so upset she could not dial my telephone number to talk to me about John. Please keep my family (and Chile) in your prayers. John said the Chilean people are the nicest in the world. Theresa

Still no word, but I did have some information wrong. John is in a town north of Santiago Chile, which means he is about 250 miles from the epicenter. He is in the town of Quintera. My brother contacted the State Dept and they contacted the US Embassy. They are going to see if they can find any information on John! My brother, Dave, and LouAnn my SIL, are just the best. I know that I would be a basket case in their shoes. Please still keep them, John and my mother in your prayers. This is so hard on them! Thank you!!

One other thing, John loves Argintina!!
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lifted up in prayer.

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