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    prayer number 1: my 16 year old niece ran away sometime after 3 am yesterday... she is either with one of two ex boy friends... ! in texas and one in another state...the on in texas we are hoping. the other one is abusive to her and a drug user/dealer gang member and has been in jail moretimes than we can count. please pray we can find her soon. she has turned off her sell phone and deleted her facebook acount.

    prayer number 2 : baby Ayden went to the doctor with a cough(he has a trach) his breathing is rapid and hard. they did an x ray of his lungs. and he is on steroids. If he doesnt improve in 24 hours he will be admitted back in the hospital in houston.

    Update: my niece has been found... she and the guy she ran off with were found walking on the side of the road lastnight when a police officer saw them. he ran her name and it came back she was a runnaway. her mom and grandma are on the way to pick her up as we speak [​IMG]
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    He stays in our prayers. Will add your niece to them.
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    ahhh geesh! I hate to hear this............... prayers for her safety!
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    Prayers are on the way and I hope everything turns out great.

  6. I'm sorry about your niece! I'll be sending up prayers that she can be found safe and sound!! I'll also be praying for wisdom for the doctors as they deal with little Ayden!
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    Prayers! [​IMG]
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    Prayers for your niece's safe return and your grandson's health.
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    Thanks everyone

    Update on niece... her mom and grandma drove 3 hrs on a lead last night. I havent heard anything since it was so late. I am letting them try to get some sleep... One of her friends (she created a new face book- the only friend she has allowed as a friend on there) i believe is helping her has been giving the family false information.: ( ... what is strange is she and my DD are really close and she has blocked her and wont return her calls( she is my pregnant daughter) my niece is suposed to be there when the baby is born. so my dd is stressing over her running away.

    Update on Ayden .. his momma is so worried that she couldnt sleep last night. we wont know until lunch time how is xray looks. that is one of the determining factors if he gets sent to houston the other depends on how his breathing is...

  10. Quote:Ugh, 3 hours! I hope that this lead pans out, and they start getting good info! I'm sure your daughter is so stressed. I'll pray for her as well. Aww, poor Ayden's momma! I can't IMAGINE having to go through something like that, and all the wait time! I'm hoping the Xrays come back clean!

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