URGENT - PURPLE COMB - VERY SICK ROO -This is to help chicken-boy-Kurt

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    The thread entitled:

    can't describe problem just HELP please

    is of a very urgent nature.

    It's also in Emergencies. If anyone has some insight please write to chicken _boy_Kurt as quickly as possible. Thanks very much.

    His roo has been down and now his comb has turned purple.

  2. angelmarie

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    Jun 3, 2008
    it could be fowl cholera or HPHAI/END if its these things which they all cause purple skin, he needs to treat it ASAP!!!
  3. sammi

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    Dec 21, 2007
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    is he giving the roo any antibiotic?

    is he eating or drinking?

    hasn't this roo been sick for a while now?

    it's bad for a chicken to be down..it interferes with the breathing and the heart..which could the cause of the purple comb.
    he needs to get some meds and get him up in a hammock or sling..

    if it's respiratory, this roo needs either Tylan or Baytril..
    or erythromycin..
    if you have none of those, and can't get them..ask your Mom if there are any antibiotics in the house..such as amoxicillin..
    he also needs more nutrition..

    is the neck still bent?
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